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the whale shark - sustainable - swimming with whale shark - isla mujeres

Whale Shark – Sustainable – swimming with whale shark – isla mujeres

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Enjoy the Ultimate Adventure, full day Whale Shark reef adventure of the underwater world.

“The Whale Shark” swim snorkel, the Experience of a Lifetime!

Swim Snorkel with the Gentle Giant – the whale shark, don’t miss this life time opportunity!

During July, August, until mid Sept you can swim snorkel with this noble, intelligent, friendly whale, visit their habitat and swim snorkel, enjoy the reef underwater world and watch the biggest fish on earth, the: WHALE SHARK!

Isla Mujeres ( Island of Women ): in the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico, a romantic fishermen island is the base for our boats, this kind of whale shark (the biggest in the world!) migrates to Mexico, passes up north Island of Women and Contoy, to eat the incredible amounts of plankton abundant in Yucatan Peninsula waters!


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Whale Shark – Swim Snorkel -Reef – Adventure – Mayamayan.com

Whale Shark Swim Snorkel Adventure Program: Cancun

7:30 a.m. Pick up. We will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, where our staff will await for you to start the exciting day. (times may vary based on location of hotel). You will get exact time confirmation after reservation.

8:00 a.m. Arrival at Punta Sam – Puerto Juarez, light breakfast provided.

8:30 a.m  Departure for whale sharks. On the boat, the Captain and Guide will be waiting for your arrival. Then we begin our journey in search of these beautiful animals! We gather our equipment and prepare everything for the amazing snorkeling tour with the Whale Sharks!

During the trip the guides will give a briefing of everything you would want to know about the world in which the whale shark lives in.

            You’ll find water, drinks and sandwiches available onboard.

9:00 a.m. As we get underway over the vast Caribbean waters, we navigate in search of any sign of their presence.  As soon as we see a HUGE fin in the water, the most exciting part of the day begins.

We put on fins, mask, snorkel, life jacket and enter the water two guests at a time with one guide.

We then swim alongside the biggest fish in the world! We continue to rotate people until everybody has had an astonishing time swimming up-close with the whale shark! The whale sharks are peaceful and completely harmless. These fish are ever loving and slow moving animals, and feed on plankton only.

11:00 p.m.  Once everyone has tired themselves out we board back into the boat and make way for Isla Mujeres. Before the island we stop at a beautiful reef for 30 minutes of optional snorkeling.


12:30 p.m.  We’ll spend the rest of our time eating lunch and relaxing on board.


2:00 p.m.    After lunch and relax, we load back into the boat and head back to Punta Sam – Puerto Juarez in Cancun.


2:30 p.m.   Return to the hotel with big happy smiles!

Times are aprox and are subject to change depending on weather conditions



What is the total time for Whale Shark Encounter Tour ? 5 to 6 hours.

What does light breakfast consist of ? chicken sandwiches (hand made in the morning), water, and sodas

How long is the Reef Snorkeling activity? 30 minutes,

Where is the Reef Snorkeling? Isla Mujeres Reef or Contoy Reef

How big is the boat? The boat is 35″ feet authorized passenger capacity for 18 passengers, but we only take 10 passengers for the whale shark encounter.

What is the security on the boat? Life bests, First aid Kit, GPS, Marine band channel Radio to Harbor Master, and Coastguard, Captain Sailing Certification and First Aid Training, more than 10 years experience on the area.

Is the boat comfortable? Yes seats are cushioned and has a stereo.

What kind of engine the boat has? it has two twin ecological 100 each HP Marine Motor, outboard mount on a Century Boat.

Does the boat has bathroom? Yes it has a bathroom onboard.

What type of transportation you use? For pickup and drop-off from your Hotel

we use Tourism Vans Toyota, Chevrolet, or Mercedes Benz Mini Vans

Can I bring my own snorkeling gear? Yes you can, although the Mask, Fins and Tube are already included.

What guarantee you give me for seeing whale sharks? We guarantee you with 50% refund, 2 hours search, after that, we head back to Punta Sam.

What other a option is there if we don’t spot any? to continue the tour in search of the Giant Stingrays, Marine Turtles or Free Dolphins, that is up to you.


Why do you mention it is sustainable? Sustainable because Marine Biologists have determined a low impact, in the Sustainability Plan for the Area of the Whale Shark and is closely supervised by authorities.

Ecological laws have declare it a Protected Area so many regulations need to be followed be a tour operator, boat visitors are closely supervised by government officials in order to preserve all natural area, without damaging whale shark habitat, without disturbing the peace or polluting the area, for example; It is against the law to feed the whale shark, jail and high penalties are the sentence for not following this regulations on the area, fortunately we have operated this tour for 5 years without any incident and we hope to keep taking care of both the swimmers and the whales and dolphins and turtles and giant stingrays in the area for our kids and the world to enjoy and as a wonder of nature for the community we live in.


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